Home and Dry by Hayley’s Mom

I am delighted to introduce my beautiful Mom, Maureen, to you all. We nearly lost her in May last year and I thank God that He healed her in such a miraculous way. She is the rock of our family and exudes the love of Jesus in every part of her being. I asked her... Continue Reading →

Fifty Mums, Fifty Kids

It is a real privilege to be able to share this beautiful news story from the U.K. with you all. It touched my heart and I hope it does the same for you. A group of fifty Mums and their children with Down's syndrome have put together an emotional Carpool Karaoke-style video, using sign language.... Continue Reading →

Jon gives me ‘time’ off

Today was intended to be another ‘Meet the family’ post from my eldest daughter, Layla. (It was my youngest daughter, Caitlin last week). Unfortunately, Layla is so full on with school and homework that she didn’t get around to doing her spot. Praise God though for my wonderful husband, Jon, who has stepped in at... Continue Reading →

The week in Review March 9th

Friday has arrived and it’s been another busy week over here at Red Letters. Here’s a roundup of the week, just in case you missed anything. Mind your manners The week began with a personal testimony and an update on my post God’s stage from last Monday. I had raced on ahead and applied to... Continue Reading →

Meet the family – Caitlin

I often refer to you all as my ‘Wordpress Family’ so I’d love for you all to get to know me better. Here’s my plan - Every Thursday I will be introducing you all to a member of my family. This week, my 11 year old daughter Caitlin, tells us how she practices being grateful.... Continue Reading →

Church Walk SOS

In the remote mountains of Gheralta, Ethiopia, a Christian Priest, called Haylesilassie, makes a daily journey to his church, Saint Abuna Yemata. This is no ordinary journey as the church is carved into the side of a cliff, above a staggering 250 metre drop. The climb includes a 10 metre vertical section and Haylesilassie climbs... Continue Reading →

Mind your manners

Last Monday, I shared a post called ‘God’s Stage’ and wrote about how I had applied to be a support act for British Christian Singer, Philippa Hanna. This is my update.... I allowed myself to be vulnerable and was open with you all. I shared in ‘God’s Stage’ how my heart began to fill with... Continue Reading →

The week in Review March 2nd 2018

Friday has arrived, it’s a ‘Snow-day’ for us and the schools are closed. This is the view from my bedroom window. Just in case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of the week. Monday - God’s Stage On Monday, I shared a personal testimony with you all on pride. British Christian Singer, Philippa Hanna,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Opt-Out

Brave Max Johnson from Cheshire, England, was just nine years old when he received a heart transplant. Max was on a waiting list for ten, long months before having the lifesaving transplant - his life hanging in the balance. That was over a year ago and since then, Max has been tirelessly campaigning for the... Continue Reading →

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