Jon gives me ‘time’ off

Today was intended to be another ‘Meet the family’ post from my eldest daughter, Layla. (It was my youngest daughter, Caitlin last week). Unfortunately, Layla is so full on with school and homework that she didn’t get around to doing her spot. Praise God though for my wonderful husband, Jon, who has stepped in at... Continue Reading →

In Christ Alone – Live Worship

Click here to listen to full song on YouTube This Wednesday’s Worship Song has been requested by three people so I figured I really needed to record this one! Thank you to Danielle and Meeting Jesus for putting in the request. There was another lovely person that asked me for the same song but please... Continue Reading →

Simple Gospel – Live Worship

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally managed to get my hubby, Jon, to record a live Worship song with me! I’m sure you’ll agree that he is absolutely ace on guitar and I always enjoy it when we get to jam and worship together. This week’s Wednesday Worship song, ‘Simple Gospel’ was requested... Continue Reading →

Live Worship – Breathe

Today’s worship song request is from my friend Carlos from 100% Jesus and I am so very excited to share this beautiful worship song with you all. Most of you will recognise it but here’s my version of ‘Breathe’ by Michael.W. Smith. I pray it blesses you all. There’s a short clip on here but... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Worship 3rd January 2018

I’m full of colour when You’re with me, You are the artist and You set me free. I’m still unfinished, You’re shaping my heart. You call every detail, I’m your work of art. Bright City My heart for ‘Wednesday Worship’ is to share with you all, Christian worship songs, that you may not be familiar... Continue Reading →


Hello my lovely WordPress friends! The Christmas holidays have given me so much opportunity to worship, write songs and record some more music. Today, I’ve just finished a cover of one of my all time favourite worship songs. Adoration by Brenton Brown. Click here to listen to my cover of the song Adoration The lyrics... Continue Reading →

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