Home and Dry by Hayley’s Mom

I am delighted to introduce my beautiful Mom, Maureen, to you all. We nearly lost her in May last year and I thank God that He healed her in such a miraculous way. She is the rock of our family and exudes the love of Jesus in every part of her being. I asked her... Continue Reading →

Fifty Mums, Fifty Kids

It is a real privilege to be able to share this beautiful news story from the U.K. with you all. It touched my heart and I hope it does the same for you. A group of fifty Mums and their children with Down's syndrome have put together an emotional Carpool Karaoke-style video, using sign language.... Continue Reading →

The Week in Review 16th March 2018

I know how difficult it can be to keep up with reading all the blogposts on WP so here’s a roundup of the week here at Red Letters, just in case you missed anything. Monday Monday marked the first post of a series called ‘Buried Time’, where I shared how procrastination steals our time and... Continue Reading →

Jon gives me ‘time’ off

Today was intended to be another ‘Meet the family’ post from my eldest daughter, Layla. (It was my youngest daughter, Caitlin last week). Unfortunately, Layla is so full on with school and homework that she didn’t get around to doing her spot. Praise God though for my wonderful husband, Jon, who has stepped in at... Continue Reading →

Good Days, Bad Days

We all have good days and bad days and it’s no different for children. Seven year old Noah Orion from Carmel Valley is no stranger to bad days, having recently lost his Mom to cancer. Noah’s Mom, Sandy, sadly passed away age 45 last September, after a five year cancer battle. Before she passed away,... Continue Reading →

Part 1 Buried Time – But First

God has given us a gift of 86,400 seconds every single day but once it’s gone, it’s gone, you can never get it back and it becomes buried time. It is so important for us, as Christians, to be good stewards of the time God gives us and to make every second count for His... Continue Reading →

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