Live spontaneous worship

There is no other place I would rather be than in the presence of Jesus!

I live for these unrehearsed, unscripted moments of worship. It satisfies my soul and breathes life to my bones.

I thought I’d share with you one of these beautiful moments and I pray that you will blessed abundantly!

The video clip is only short but you can listen to the full version here:

Full video link on YouTube

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Hayley ❤️

20 thoughts on “Live spontaneous worship

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    1. Hi Tammy! 😊
      Happy New Year to you too.
      I’ve missed you lots!! ❤️
      Everything is going great my end. I finished writing a study book on worship just before Christmas so have been quite busy doing that. 👍
      How about you? How’s things in Beautiful Barbados?🇧🇧
      Love and blessings in Christ Jesus.
      Hayley 😊💝

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      1. Awww lol thank you so much Hayley 🙂
        Awww same here!! ❤
        I've been good thus far, fighting the good fight!
        That's great to know! I'm happy for you on that new embarkment!!! Blessings to you & the family.
        Lolol I'm not from that island I'm from Trinidad & Tobago lol everything is okay here for the while! Very sunny, dry and breezy. Lol
        Same too you my dear!

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      2. The kids are doing great! My eldest got a scholarship to a drama school and my youngest is now homeschooled! They’ll be 15 & 12 this year, growing up fast!
        How are all your family? I hope they’re well. ❤️

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      3. Oh my! Great is our God and GREATLY to be praised! Look at the great things He’s doing in their lives! I rejoice with you my sister 😀 send them my love & hugs! 🙂
        Time sure flies don’t it? 😉
        Oh everyone is fine! Praising God for life most importantly! ❤
        I saw your latest worship video on YT! Very powerful indeed! May God continue to use & bless you guys!

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      4. Amen! God is so good to us! 🙌
        I will definitely pass on your love & hugs. ❤️🤗
        I recently Skyped T.R. & Grace from WP and my girls were so excited to see them both and hear their different accents. It was a lot of fun! 😀
        Thanks so much for checking out my new video on YouTube! It was a really powerful morning, that’s for sure.
        Have a great day, whatever time it is for you!
        Huge blessings,
        Hayley 😊💕

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      5. Amen! Truly! All the time He is!! Awww much appreciated! 😀

        Oh really! That’s awesome lol! So good to see you guys are keeping in contact with each other! Maybe we all can do so someday! Lol

        Yes, no problem at all and I can see that the anointing was strong that day. 🙂 blessings to God!

        Ah, its evening here now! Very nice and sunny. 🙂 thank you! God bless you all!

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  1. I see that anything and everything we do for the Lord as a form of worshipping Him. It is acknowledging how great He is and how much He has done for us that we want to serve Him. In that thinking we are worshipping Him.

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    1. Amen! That is so true. Living our lives in surrender to God is our act of worship. It’s not what we can do for God but what He has done for us. Our worship is then the overflow of what we have received from a faithful and loving God.
      Lovely to hear from you!
      Hayley 😊💕


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