The week in review March 19th – 23rd 2018

For all of you busy readers, here’s a roundup of the week for Red Letters.


This Monday was the second post from a series I have called ‘Buried Time’. I shared how having a fear of people steals our time and removes our focus from the Lord.

I really liked this comment from A Saggitarean Seeker,

“I have learned that, by treating each day as a gift, instead of worrying about the future, I find succeeding days that much sweeter, for having not wasted the preceding time.”

Every week there will be a different ‘Time Burier’ to avoid and the focus for next Monday will be ‘Looking at the past’.


Every Tuesday I share a hand picked news story that I believe to be inspirational and motivational.

Did you know that it was World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st and the above video was made by Mom’s and their children to raise awareness. If you haven’t seen the video then I encourage you to watch it.

Here’s what Lois had to say about the video,

“So precious to see all those wonderful children who have so much to offer if only we would take the time to stop and see.”


This week’s Live Worship, ‘How deep the Father’s love’ was requested by the lovely Donna from A voice for God – Meeting Jesus. I love Donna’s blog, she has such a wonderful heart for Jesus and I find her posts to be full of Godly wisdom.

Next Wednesday I’ll be singing ‘Reckless love’. Can’t wait to share it!


Over the last couple of Thursday’s I have had the pleasure of introducing my family members to the Red Letters blog.

Week 1 – My daughter, Caitlin

Week 2 – My husband, Jon

This week my Mom took centre stage and wrote a rather beautiful and personal post about her experience of raising my sister and I. If you are reading this and are waiting for a ‘prodigal’ to return then I encourage you to read this and be encouraged.

Here’s what JoAnna had to say about this post,

“This gives me hope for those I love in rocky boats and encourages me to remain in steadfast prayer trusting that Jesus has his hand on their lives.”

Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all!

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24 thoughts on “The week in review March 19th – 23rd 2018

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  1. You are wise to journal,write and record….why? Cuz as the good book says ours lives are as vapors… soon gone… and as you Follow the AUTHOR of the Book of books… your story will be one of encouragement and faith to the reader… God Bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is such confirmation for me, David. All I can say is thank you for your wise words and obedience to the Holy Spirit. I want to sow seeds into the eternal!
      Blessings, Hayley 😊🙏


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