Jon gives me ‘time’ off

Today was intended to be another ‘Meet the family’ post from my eldest daughter, Layla. (It was my youngest daughter, Caitlin last week). Unfortunately, Layla is so full on with school and homework that she didn’t get around to doing her spot.

Praise God though for my wonderful husband, Jon, who has stepped in at the last minute and has written the most amazing God-inspired post. Enjoy and be blessed!

Jon’s blog spot

What was the first thing that God created? The book of Genesis tells us that on day one, God created the heavens and the earth, so I guess you could say that the first thing God created was the heavens and the earth.


Read between the lines though and it could be said that the first thing that was created was time.

The bible punctuates the first seven days of the universe in to seven separate periods of time, so we know that time was in existence at the point that God created space.

By the end of day one, time and space, as we know it had been spoken into existence. The same time and space that make up everything we know as reality. The same time and space that Einstein’s theory of relativity describes to as the forces that bend to create gravity and need to jointly exist.

As a Christian it seems an easy concept to grasp that God gives us dominion over the land…… most people reading this blog will have a space that you call your own. Maybe it’s your house, maybe it’s a bedroom, maybe it’s a special place that you visit and feel a connection with.

It’s easy to have dominion over space: we are proud of our space, we decorate it with art, we share our space with those we love, we defend our space from our enemies, we nurture our space.

It isn’t as easy to understand our dominion over time, but this is a gift that God has given us dominion over. Just as the church was a space to worship God, God also provided a time period to rest and meditate on his word. He called this time the sabbath.

Time as a concept is complicated but beginning to take dominion of this gift is simple……

Treat it like space, be proud of your time, decorate your time, share your time with those that you love, defend your time from your enemies, nurture your time.

I guess you might be thinking how can I decorate my time? Music decorates time as art decorates space.

Every pitch we hear is a vibration moving at a set time rate, every beat a subdivision of God’s first creation and this is one of the reasons why we feel such a connection with God when using music as a tool to worship……. but that’s for the next time I hijack the Red Letters blog for the day!






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  1. “and this is one of the reasons why we feel such a connection with God when using music as a tool to worship”

    Music is used to worship God; and as we know, to divert as well; as we see on the radios, TVs, in the works of famous musical groups, all over the world (needless to mention names, and for which at other moments we clapped and danced for them;
    at least I did).

    As we know, the “that angel” fell because he wanted to receive the worship of God’s praise to himself.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you mean about her death? If so, I think there is a lot of controversy surrounding her death and my opinion is that she was assassinated. That is only my opinion though, Carlos. Hope that helps. Hayley 😊

        Liked by 2 people

      2. True but some of the most prolific Christians have come from England….. Smith Wigglesworth, Charles H Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, the list goes on.
        Our British history is rooted in Christ.
        Blessings 😊

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      3. “… that with my government and you with your service we may render good service to Almighty God and leave some comfort in our posterity on earth. I intend to take all my actions for good advice and consultation.” Elizabeth I

        Elisabeth I or Isabel I (1533), defended freedom of conscience (Protestant dogma) against, papism and the catholic inquisition; and was clearly defended by God when Spain declared war on England and tried to remove her from the English throne.
        The Lord sent a storm against the fleet of Spanish ships that were more numerous than the English and defeated them on the English coast.

        English Reformers:
        John Wycliffe (1328-1384)
        Roger Williams (1603-1683)
        John Wesley (1703-1791)


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