Part 1 Buried Time – But First

God has given us a gift of 86,400 seconds every single day but once it’s gone, it’s gone, you can never get it back and it becomes buried time. It is so important for us, as Christians, to be good stewards of the time God gives us and to make every second count for His glory.

Time buriers

‘Time buriers’ is a term I use to describe the things in life that steal and snatch away our time from us. Every Monday I will be sharing a different ‘time burier’ to avoid and an alternative to replace it with.

But first!

Luke 9:59-62 Then He said to another, “Follow Me.” But he said, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God.” And another also said, “Lord, I will follow You, but let me first go and bid them farewell who are at my house.” But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

In this passage of scripture, Jesus asks two people to follow Him. Both say they will, but only after they’ve done something else first.

I do this a lot and I believe that God is challenging me in this area of procrastination. The Lord showed me that it was fear that was preventing me from doing that ‘one thing’ that God was asking me to do.

I know that the call on my life is to worship and lead others into God’s Holy presence, however I have not always pursued this call. I have ran away from my calling on numerous occasions, busying myself with other things like Sunday School and hospitality. These church activities are not bad, on the contrary, they all glorify God but are they what God asked me to do first?

How many times do we put the important things off and say to ourselves, “I’ll just do this first”? We busy ourselves, wasting time rather than doing that one important job that God has asked us to do.

Is there something in your life that has become your ‘But First’. Ask God to show you the things that are standing in the way of what God is asking you to do?

Let’s not bury our time through procrastination but instead use our time wisely for the Lord by doing what He is asking us to do. In God’s Kingdom, time is never wasted.


Part 2 of Buried Time will be posted next Monday.

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35 thoughts on “Part 1 Buried Time – But First

Add yours

    1. I know the feeling, Stephen and I feel that time is an area a lot of people struggle with. Praying for you and believing that God will redeem your time as you follow where He leads.
      Every blessing to you and yours, Hayley 💜

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  1. Amen, Hayley!!!

    I certainly am guilty. I’m thankful God often pricks me with His kindness. “I’ve done this for you,” He reminds me gently. What a way to convict someone!

    I’m going to add this post to the community spotlight. It comes out at the end of the month 🙂

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  2. My favourite reminder the seconds you will never get back. You can always make more money, more things, more memories but you can never get more time.

    Time is a currency we can not earn and such a blessing that God gave to us, I think he wanted to teach us this lesson all along. If time is from Him it must be for Him.

    I’ve started to say No to anything that isn’t what He has asked of me, the peace I feel as a result is amazing. I also have space to see what He is doing, the little miracles that form the big picture! It amazing.

    Love you hun. Xx

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    1. “Time is a currency we can not earn and such a blessing that God gave to us, I think he wanted to teach us this lesson all along. If time is from Him it must be for Him.”

      Wow, what a revelation! Thank you for sharing that.

      Love you too! ❤️ whoever you are lol 😊💜


  3. Such Wisdom from such a young person portends an ever increasing; an ever growing relationship with our God.

    Thank you Good and Faithful servant!

    God does call us, BUT not for everything; only that for which He has gifted us with special talents and gifts to share His WORDS with others.

    May God guide our path


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    1. Thank you, Patrick. It’s so kind of you to call me a young person! That’s made my day, haha! 😀

      The revelation that God gives us is like no other and I’m so thankful to be on this journey of a true relationship with Jesus.
      Hayley 😊💜


  4. Fear often leads us to procrastinate, I think. We are afraid of whatever it is that we have been asked or required to do… we fear failure or simply fear the task itself. But you are right… we waste time when we procrastinate. And if God has called us to something, there is no point in stalling or running as Jonah did. Ultimately, God will bring us around to obedience. It may as well be at the first rather than at the last. 🙂 Thank you for this really thought-provoking post! I’m looking forward to your entire series! ❤ ❤

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    1. “And if God has called us to something, there is no point in stalling or running as Jonah did. Ultimately, God will bring us around to obedience.”

      Exactly, Lynn! This is so true. I used to be great at running away but now I realise that it is absolutely pointless as I always end up coming back full circle anyway.
      Thank you for your great comments!
      Love Hayley ❤️


  5. I have a couple of degrees in procrastination so that was a bit out Haley. Good timing though!

    Some pretty important stuff in your post

    I have been thinking about this heaps recently as its so easy to waste a day or two here and there but if your not careful that can turn into 10 years of doing “stuff”. We can joke about this stuff but we really do need to be responsible with this gift of time given to us.

    A scene from the movie in time comes (starring Justin timberlake) comes to mind. Have you seen this movie?

    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh watch the trailer and decide if you want to watch it. In time its called

        There is a scene where the main character is given some time for free and the person says “don’t waste time”. This wont make sense unless you understand what the movie is about but its powerful and that’s what your post reminded me of. If you like movies that make you think then its worth it. Sorry about the essay lol


  6. I can so relate to this. For me, when I’m called to do something, I will frequently make a list of everything I think needs to be done before I can actually do that thing I’m called to do. And in the process, I end up overwhelmed. Which stops me dead in my tracks. Thank you for reminding me that I just need to obey.

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