Anything can happen – Live Worship

I’m so excited for this live Worship video and to be able to introduce my beautiful friend Katie from Tehillah Worship Blog. Katie has such an inspiring heart for worship and I was thrilled to be able to worship Jesus with her and sing in the spirit, with absolutely no restrictions.

The Interview with Katie

Katie, thank you so much for agreeing to record our worship together. I was so blessed to join in unity with you, lift up the name of Jesus and enter into His presence.

I know you’ve just recently started your own worship blog and I think it would be great to ask you some questions and get to know you better.

Can you share a bit about your blog, Tehillah Worship and what we can expect to find on there?

Well, this is something I had on my heart for a long time, it was confirmed in conversations I had with others and so I felt I needed to bite the bullet so to speak….. God had been speaking to me a lot about my passion for worship and how I could help others, to step into their role too. People often misunderstand what true worship is and so I feel we have a responsibility to help others excel in that area. We are accountable to help teach and impart what ŵe have learned on our journey and what the word says.

I am hoping that God will use what I write to help inspire, encourage and instruct people in the basics and fundamentals of worship.

I want to be that person I needed on my journey. We all have the Father and He is our priority but I was not mentored in any way, so with a completely surrendered and transparent heart, I hope others can benefit from what I have learnt and still learning.

What was your inspiration for starting the Tehillah Worship blog?

My inspiration was ultimately the Holy Spirit and God had made connections that had made this possible too. I remember running with this and then meeting up with you, Hayley. Reading what you wrote made me feel inspired to put pen to paper and reveal what God was laying on my heart. You are a true inspiration to me. Thank you for all your encouragement.

What is your favourite Bible Verse and why?

I have many favourite bible verses but I would say my life scripture is seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and everything shall be added unto you according to his will and purpose found in Matthew 6:33.

What can I say about this…. I just love it.

If we just seek him and the word, and our hearts are for the kingdom, he will add everything we need. Many times in my life I worried about what people may think and have held back as a result, but when I read this, it reminds me that all we need to do is look to Him, yes remain accountable with those who God wants us to remain acccountable to, it’s quite simple, we cannot possibly dodge what God wants when we seek him above all else. We should never do anything in order to receive. These are simply His laws.

Do you have a favourite worship song that you never tire of hearing?

Yes I do, my favourite worship song is ‘In Christ alone’ by Kristian stanfill. The words are the true and perfect image of Christ and how we should see Him.

Thank you, Katie for taking the time to answer these questions. It’s great to get to know you better!

You can hear more from Katie on her blog Tehillah Worship.

If you were blessed by this video and would like to hear more worship like this, then please let Katie and I know.


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  1. My dear, and oh so special friend,

    Because YOU are extraordinary; I’m not caught by surprise that you attract extraordinary friends. Sorry I could’t listen in; I don’t do U-tube {too old}

    I loved the interview and the boost you shared with her; WELL DONE!

    Continued Blessings and PRAISE to you both,


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