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In the remote mountains of Gheralta, Ethiopia, a Christian Priest, called Haylesilassie, makes a daily journey to his church, Saint Abuna Yemata. This is no ordinary journey as the church is carved into the side of a cliff, above a staggering 250 metre drop.

The climb includes a 10 metre vertical section and Haylesilassie climbs up to the church without using ropes or wearing shoes. Remarkably there have been no falls or deaths since the church was built and the priests believe that God protects them from falling.

The elderly priest wakes at 3am every day, works around the house until 6am and makes the two hour journey to the 6th Century church. He then spends twelve hours there, before making his way back home before sunset.

Most of Haylesilassie’s time is spent studying an ancient manuscript of the bible as that is the only bible he has access to. He says this,

“I am happy reading the bible for the whole day. When you read the word of God, it tastes as sweet as honey.”

This remarkable man has such a hunger for God, that he risks his life daily to read the word, receive new revelation from the Lord and to be in His presence.

“It is quiet and peaceful here and there are no interruptions. I can communicate with God and share my secrets with Him. My mind then becomes free.”

How fortunate we are to have 24 hour access to the word of God, even having the bible on our phones, where we can take it anywhere. It can be very easy to take this privilege for granted, so let’s thank God for His Holy word at our fingertips.


News Source – BBC News

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35 thoughts on “Church Walk SOS

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  1. This story really puts things into perspective. We so often, as you shared, take things for granted.

    I really want the word to be lamp within my heart, and I need to take time to memorize more.

    What a moving story!

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  2. This is a great post, Hayley. The fact that this man goes 2 hours every day just to have alone time with the Father and have access to the only bible he has is an incredible story.

    We as Christians who have access to Bibles near us or on our phones should never take it for granted. We should never become like the Pharisees who study and know the Word of God but don’t practice what it preaches. We as Christians should be like this man and spend time with the Father, getting to know His Word for ourselves without distractions from the outside world.

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  3. We modern day, first world Christians have it sooo easy in comparison. We think a harsh comment is persecution when so many before us and in other places endure so much for the cause of Christ. Great perspective – thank you! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right there! We do have it very easy in comparison and yet still find things to moan about. This is something that God is challenging me on personally at the moment.
      Love Hayley 😊💜

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