The week in Review March 2nd 2018

Friday has arrived, it’s a ‘Snow-day’ for us and the schools are closed. This is the view from my bedroom window.

Just in case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of the week.

Monday – God’s Stage

On Monday, I shared a personal testimony with you all on pride. British Christian Singer, Philippa Hanna, is going on tour in April and is looking for support acts. I put my name forward but began to feel inadequate compared to other musicians who’d applied. Read what happened next…..

Tuesday – Don’t Opt-Out

This Tuesday’s news story revolved around a brave little boy called Max. After receiving a heart transplant, Max campaigned for a new law that could potentially save a lot of lives. Read more about ‘Max’s Law’……

Wednesday Worship – Heroes

I was thrilled to be asked by my friend Thought Spark to sing and record this anointed worship song, Heroes by Amanda Cook. Thank you.

I’m so excited for next Wednesday Worship, as I have a surprise guest to introduce to you all. You are going to love it!

Thursday – Bring on the Spring

Despite it being March 1st, we were greeted with snow and very cold weather, here in the UK. I shared a poem about God’s perfect timing. Click here to read it.

Have a lovely Friday everyone. Stay safe and blessed and I’ll see you all on Monday morning.


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44 thoughts on “The week in Review March 2nd 2018

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  1. How fast does he week go, crikey! I remember reading Gods stage, feels like a long time ago now. I think God really wants to get our attention using time. Thanks for the week in review!

    p.s – any response from the application you put in Hales?

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  2. “Sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvellous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.”

    “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

    Psalm 98.1 & 4

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  3. Lovely post, Hayley! ❤ The weather has suddenly gotten pretty cold lately – I wasn’t expecting this chilly surge, although we haven’t gotten any snow here in the southern US, at least not yet lol!! Just some cold rain 🙂

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  4. Thank YOU my friend,

    It has been a Beautiful week though you to US.

    I especially enjoyed the oping OUT, and how God can use a boy to effect & affect so many.

    I love stories where One Person Can and Does make a difference; YOU my friend are well on that road; may God continue to guide your path,


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      1. Fair enough… It’s just something about snow and cold air… I no this may sound crazy but… To me winter brings warmth and people closer together….

        idk…but happy to here you had a blessed day yesterday doing nothing… lol! You see… pros and cons miss.👍

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      2. You are right, it definitely does bring people closer together. I do love the snow too but I just don’t enjoy driving in it. Our country lanes are not designed with snow in mind, haha! 😆

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      3. wow!
        finnaly I’m right about something. lol😂
        Ya… Driving in it is a pain and I deffenetly can agree with you on that. lol!
        Your from the U.K. if I’m not mistaken. I would love to visit one day so. get that living room pull out couch ready! 😂 hahaha…

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha! Yes, I live in Staffordshire, England. Obviously I’m biased but you should definitely visit, especially if you enjoy history and the countryside. There are some really beautiful parts of the country. Wales has to be my favourite.
        Not sure if you’ve seen my post on my trip to Wales but here’s the link if you want to check it out. There’s some pics on there too. Hayley 😊💜

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      5. I’m speachless! wow that is amazing….
        And so was the photos in the back ground. lol

        Yes… I will definitely start traveling more when I get my money right. it looks so worth it… considering that I hate flying👎

        but I will definitely make an exception✌

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      6. I hope it all goes well for you and you’re able to get over your fear of flying. I used to be afraid of everything when I suffered with anxiety so know what it’s like.
        Hayley 😊

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      7. Not a fear … lol!

        Its just that I have a problem with my inner ears that makes me dizzy when I catch a plain…

        Then when I get off it I’m sick and off balance…

        that sucks!

        Anxiety sucks to!

        Iam glad you are getting better though !👍😄

        I have p.t.s.d. so I no it can be a pain and some people don’t understand it and that’s more frustrating….

        But let me not talk your ears to sleep lol..

        I hope you have a blessed day and thinks for the company✌

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      8. Oh I hate that ear popping thing too, Chris! My daughter suffers from that really bad so know exactly what you mean. I’m sorry to hear you suffer from PTSD. That must be tough for you. I’m happy to pray for you if that’s okay with you.
        Lovely chatting with you and thank you for your kind words.
        Hayley 😊💜

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      9. Awh man that’s not kool…

        bless her heart!

        Well I think what I have is called vertigo…

        Or something….

        I’m bad at remembering things. lol!

        Very bad…

        hey its nothing to be sorry for.😊

        Yes its hard sometimes…

        Im getting way better though at controlling it…

        The worst thing is people not understanding me and why I’m like this…

        I from northwest baltimore city Maryland…

        From 5 year’s old to my 30s I’ve seen violence deaths and homicide…

        I’ve been phisically abused my whole child hood till I left…

        etc etc yatta yatta yatta…. Lol

        but I’m getting better with adapting and socializing…

        Thinks for caring though…

        Pray for me? Happy to? Im? Yes deffenetly!😊 The more praying for me the better! Thank you so much miss😄

        Great convo with you to! It’s been verry kool!

        Kind words… Always miss🙏

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      10. It really hurts my heart to hear that you have gone through such traumatic events that no person should ever have to go through, especially as a child. 😢 💔
        I will definitely be praying for you, Chris. Your early life may have been tainted but you are a survivor and will go on to help others that have been through similar situations. 👏🤗
        Thank you for sharing this with me and feeling able to open up. I’m sure it is no coincidence that God led me to your page. 😊
        Lifting you up in prayer for healing and freedom from what you have been through.
        Hayley 😊💜🙏

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      11. It would be selfish to say it’s kool and don’t feel like that. because I’m still breathing.

        so I wont… But you no what… these things only made me stronger and tougher then most mentally and phisically….

        I give high praise to the almighty for that!

        To the average person they would have been traumatized or whatever…

        See it was the opposite to me… It just made me feel nothing… Nothing, no feeling, happy, sad .. nothing….

        Yes! That’s one of my goals… to be able to help and look out for the kids and the less fortunate… And I will soon be able to…

        Ya it’s funny because in the middle of my last comment to you… lol!

        I forgot that I was talking to a audience… but I’m already to far so I’ll just finished it.

        Yes! everything does happen for a great purpose! and I really thank you for listening to me…

        Your the koolest!👍😄

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      12. You have such a great attitude, Chris and I am so pleased that you can come through all you have in a way that has made you stronger. Praise God!
        I’m praying for God to increase your vision and for you to step out in your calling of helping these kids.
        Have a wonderful day!
        I am off to work now.
        Hayley 😊
        The compassion and understanding you will have for them will be such a support for them.

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  5. Dear Hayley,
    You have such a unique way of setting up your blog. I love the idea of reflecting upon the past week, day by day. Very creative.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Snow….yes snow… I grew up in the lake effect snow of Lake Ontario in Upstate NY…
    Some winters we were out of school for weeks because 6-9 feet would fall … no kidding…that is why I decided to move to the warmer place called South Carolina!!😀

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