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Brave Max Johnson from Cheshire, England, was just nine years old when he received a heart transplant. Max was on a waiting list for ten, long months before having the lifesaving transplant – his life hanging in the balance. That was over a year ago and since then, Max has been tirelessly campaigning for the law in England to be changed.

Over the past year, Max has been campaigning and writing letters to Prime Minister, Theresa May, requesting that the law is changed to an ‘opt-out’ policy for all organ donations. This would mean that every person would automatically be ‘opted-in’ as an organ donor, unless they made a specific request not to be. This new law, which will be called ‘Max’s Law’ could potentially save around 500 lives per year.

When I was around 16 I filled out my first donor card, put it in my purse and made sure I carried it everywhere with me. I remember feeling pleased that I had a donor card but secretly terrified at the prospect of having to give my body parts away. Silly I know, but I was petrified of death and I had absolutely no assurance of where I would go when I died.

At the time, I had no concept of the earthly body being nothing more than a shell and I lived in complete fear of death and its uncertainty. I had no faith that my spirit would live forever.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.

The death of Billy Graham has been widely publicised over the last week and there have been a lot of his quotes and inspirational words shared. There is one quote that I have seen more than the others though and it is this one:

“My home is in heaven, I’m just travelling through this world.”

As followers of Jesus Christ we have a blessed assurance of heaven being our real home and we know that our mortal bodies do not define who we really are.

I praise God that He has released me from the fear of death and has given me a revelation of eternity with Him.

I can confidently say I will not ‘Opt-Out’.

1 Corinthians 15:51 But let me reveal to you a wonderful secret. We will not all die, but we will all be transformed!


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37 thoughts on “Don’t Opt-Out

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  1. There are some pretty awesome quotes from Mr Graham hey?

    “As followers of Jesus Christ we have a blessed assurance of heaven being our real home and we know that our mortal bodies do not define who we really are.” – Amen Haley

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  2. That is a brilliant proposal the young man is encouraging. The whole world should have it. Another quote of Billy Graham I always liked is “one day you will receive news Billy Graham has died. Don’t you believe it! I will be as alive as I am today, I have only changed my address.”

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  3. Amen Hayley. It’s great to see young people campaigning for change with the “opt-out” decision for transplants.

    I agree, we as Christians have to remember that Earth is not our home, we are just renting it until we go home and meet our Father face-to-face.

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  4. I feel, and felt, the same way about organ donating as you Haley.
    And what you wrote here is so profound, that if Christians really believed this at large,we would see more celebrating of Jesus than we do, and less identifying ourselves by our temporary shell.

    “As followers of Jesus Christ we have a blessed assurance of heaven being our real home and we know that our mortal bodies do not define who we really are.”

    Very good indeed.

    With your permission… I may quote your thought here in a short post.

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  5. Max is truly a fighter! May God continue to heal him in Jesus Name! Thank you Lord for removing our fear of death! I’ve been there myself when i was unsaved and didn’t know better! Praise God for Jesus! God bless you and thank you for sharing a beautiful story! Xx 😇💕🙌

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  6. I’m so grateful we don’t need to fear death. When my first husband faced death, even as a believer, finding himself so close, he had to deal with some fear at first. But I’m grateful that even though he feared the unknown, when it was time, Daddy reached down and welcomed his faithful son home with open arms. What a blessing we have in knowing we are safest when we finally get home. God bless!

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    1. Oh thank you for sharing this with me, Robin. ❤️
      I can’t even begin to imagine the journey you have been on with losing your first husband. 😢 Thank goodness for Jesus and His perfect peace. 🙏

      Love how you said,
      “What a blessing we have in knowing we are safest when we finally get home.”

      So true.
      Every blessing,
      Hayley 😊💕

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      1. Thank you Haley. My husband suffered with lung cancer and the end was so hard for us both as he struggled to breath. Him finally being safe, at home, was one of my greatest comforts after his death. He could finally breath well. And no more pain. Thanks again Haley for the opportunity to share.

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      2. My heart goes out to you Robin. ❤️ To see someone you love go through so much pain must’ve been horrific for you. Praise God he is in the arms of Jesus now and is free from pain.
        Lots of love 💞💕💞

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  7. Oh I hope Max is successful!! I think it’s a wonderful idea, I believe many people aren’t organ donors because they just didn’t think of it or thought it was a lot of paperwork. I am an organ donor and am excited, honored and proud to be. If I can save a life, wow how amazing that would be. Here in America we can sign up to be a donor when we get our driver’s license and then ir’s put on our license along witb being given a card. I wish Max every success with both his new heart and campaign. Go Max!! Just listened to Heroes too, loved it, Max is a hero. 💞

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    1. I really hope he’s successful too, Deb. 🙏 Get the feeling he will be though.

      That’s such a good idea how they put it in your driving licence. I wonder why we don’t do the same over here? It’s such a simple thing to do.

      Wow! You listened to that quick, Deb! Just about to put it on here now. Thank you so much for listening. Glad you like it!
      Much love ❤️
      Hayley 💞

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      1. I get the feeling he will be too!
        Yes maybe that will be something Max can have your driving registrys adopt.

        I get notified on my cellphone when you put up a video. I saw the notification, tapped on it and it brings me to your beautiful songs!!
        Much love back,
        xo ❤

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