God’s Stage

Last Thursday I had an exciting email pop up on my phone. Philippa Hanna, a British Christian Singer, is looking for support acts to join her on tour. I immediately applied and left a little comment on her YouTube video, saying how I’d love to be considered. I prayed about it and left it in God’s hands.

The next day, I was taking a look at some of the other applicants and I quickly began to feel rather stupid for putting myself forward. I started comparing myself with these other artists, who not only sounded more professional than me but were younger than me too!

Pride had crept in

I was imagining Philippa and her team watching my videos and laughing at them and I had a sudden urge to delete everything I had ever recorded and just hide away. It’s been a long time since I felt insecure and insignificant but I stupidly welcomed these feelings back like an old friend and spent way too much time nursing my ego.

A change is coming

It wasn’t long before I recognised this ugly pride within me and I repented before the Lord. I challenged my own motives and reasons why I share these worship songs in the first place. It’s never been about performance for me but a heart of worship, desiring to bring glory to the name of Jesus.

These feelings of insecurity and insignificance were not from God. I know that God has a perfect plan for my life and if I’m meant to support Philippa Hanna on tour, then He will make that happen. If I’m not meant to, then I know that God will keep that door firmly shut.

If and when God does give me a platform, one thing is for sure, I will only ever use it to lift up the name of Jesus, that He alone would be glorified through me.

This is God’s stage.


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45 thoughts on “God’s Stage

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  1. I hear you! I compare my writing and myself with believers sometimes. It’s a horrible feeling. I’m not doing enough. People are better. Why would they like my writing? Why should they care…etc. the list goes on.

    But God reminds me it is about Him, and how He leads me. I’m so grateful for your talents, Hayley. I see how your singing touches the lives of others on your blog. I know your leading of worship has helped others as well.

    You are being crafted by the Potter, and that’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing this ❤

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, T.R. That means an awful lot. 💞💞
      Making these comparisons to others is such an easy trap to find yourself in and all the more reason to fix our eyes on Jesus. Love Hayley 💕😊

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  2. Amazing post Sis! I compare my writing skills with others a lot. Just 2 days ago, I was saying to myself how people on here write excellently well and how they know the rules of writing blah blah and how I don’t even know and want to know any rule. I never say I am a writer lol because I can’t say so when I compare my posts with the ones on here. But hey the Holy Spirit convicted me saying, it isn’t about eloquence but it’s about speaking the mind of Christ and writing as He leads. That got me in check! Thanks for your vulnerability. I’m sure many can relate. Yes to being God’s stage!!!

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    1. Thank you, Efua, for your kind comment. I’m so glad that you can relate and that the Holy Spirit showed you too. You are such a wonderful writer and it’s crazy to me that you had these doubts but I guess it just goes to show that we all have them. Praise God for His grace.
      Hayley 😊❤️

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  3. When I watch videos, I never compare one with the other. That said, I love your playing and singing, and your worship songs most certainly resonate with me, while at the same magnifying the Lord to the fullest. Well done, young lady!

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  4. My Dear friend in Christ,

    Life is the God Test and the only grade that is insurmountable is the final grade: Pass or FAIL. IN the interim there are valley’s, hills, steep drop-offs and humongous mountains that we are challenged to climb. All part of God’s TESTING us.

    If and when as you did; we are able to defeat our pride; we WIN that battle for control of our Souls.

    You are a bright star on on a misty night; continue to let your LIGHT shine though. Keep using your gifts for God’s benefit.

    Stay humble and faithful; God’s on your side too.

    With prayers and Blessings, Patrick ________________________________

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    1. Patrick, thank you so much for your kind comment and wisdom. I really do appreciate it and am so thankful for you taking time out to encourage me.
      I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
      Blessings to you,
      Hayley 😊🙏❤️


  5. Oh, He has already given you a platform – right here in front of all of us! And from where I sit, I see God’s name being continuously lifted up and glorified! I will be praying for new opportunities and open doors for you. As Christine Caine has said, “If God has assigned you, He will come and find you.” You better believe He will!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Karen. ❤️
      I feel so very blessed to have my blogging family, something I never expected but so thankful to God for!
      I love that quote and completely believe it! My heart belongs to Jesus and my desire is for His name to be glorified in everything I do. I know He called me out of darkness for a reason and has a plan for my life, it is exciting! 😀👍
      Thank you for encouraging me.
      Hayley 😊💕

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  6. I think you have a beautiful voice and I just love hearing you sing songs to and for the Lord. You’re in good company with regard to pride surfacing, just like the rest of us, but look how quick you recognized it, now that is something! Don’t you fret, His plan for you will unfold. And it’s not a matter of if, just when, and you will be satisfied! Grace and blessings!

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    1. Thank you so much, Bruce. 😊
      That is a very kind thing to say.
      I know that God has an awesome plan for me and I am happy just to be able to worship Jesus wherever I am. Whatever He asks me to do, I will do.
      Thank you again.
      Hayley 😊🙏

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  7. I understand how you feel because everything entertainment and even in Christian venue, tends to be youth-oriented first and foremost because that market is burgeoning with ‘fan’ prospects and sales of music CDs; and then we who are ‘not as young’ feel intimidated by it all; the key to me is that you committed the matter to the Lord earnestly and that is the secret of covenant relationship.

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    1. Thank you so much. I am genuinely more concerned with my relationship with the Lord than anything else so when something’s not right in my spirit I have to examine myself and take it to God or else I can’t rest lol. I have to have peace.
      Thank you again for your kind comment.
      Hayley 😊🙏


  8. “If and when God does give you a platform” – No doubt others have commented that he has already given you a platform but I will chuck my 2 cents in as well. Not only has he given you a platform, he has given you a great talent as well. How good is that Haley!

    Will be praying that you no longer get sucked into comparing yourself to others and that you learn something awesome about God and yourself from applying for the gig as soon as I finish this comment.

    Peace 2 u

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    1. Thanks Dave for chucking your two cents in. 😂
      You are definitely right and I’ve had a completely new revelation since writing this post, praise God! For another blogpost maybe. 😊👍
      Really appreciate you taking time out to encourage me, it means a lot.
      Hayley 😊

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      1. Ooooh I really do hope then that you write a part 2 sharing what you have learnt since that post then. Who knows how many peeps who are reading your posts and listening to your music could benefit and be strengthened. Good stuff and no worries Hales!

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  9. Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony, Hayley. I can relate to this as I also find myself comparing my writing to this writer and that writer, when in fact He has blessed me (and every writer) uniquely.

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  10. As a reminder, I have “For His Glory” on my guitar strap. I try to remember that every time I play, but I need to remember it in the rest of my life, too: “will this action/conversation bring glory to God?”

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