Remember Romania

I’ll never forget the time when I first heard about Romania. It was in the late 80’s and I was around 8 years old. A lady came to visit our church and share her story about being a missionary in Romania. She told us about the thousands of babies and children that were being abandoned and then placed in horrific conditions in children’s homes. The disturbing photographs and videos of these neglected babies will stay with me forever.

It has been almost 30 years since the first exposure of these Romanian children homes, but a report by the BBC News, says that these neglected children, who are now adults, are still suffering. Many of these neglected orphans are homeless and living in underground slums and sewers, hooked on synthetic drugs known as ‘spice’ or ‘magic’.

It is safe to say that there is still a great need in Romania and Romanian Christian Enterprise (RCC) are fully aware of the damage that was done all these years ago.

Rachael, my friend from Faithful Mommy blog, is currently serving the Lord on a mission trip in Romania. I was able to chat with Rachael on the phone last night and she explained to me that the majority of Romanian’s are Orthodox Christians. Rachael and the team are forbidden to speak about being filled with the Holy Spirit or being ‘born again’.

Please uphold Rachael in prayer as she takes the gospel and love of Jesus to the broken people of Romania. Pray also for a move of the Holy Spirit and divine opportunities for Rachael to share the things of God both openly and freely.


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42 thoughts on “Remember Romania

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  1. Dear Hayley,

    Thanks for sharing it. It shows how much suffering there is in the world and even in Europe too. For all those poor souls, touching my heart, I wish them mercy and grace by God. They are in my prayers.

    All good wishes, my friend

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    1. Hi Bruce,
      I’m not entirely sure who has placed these restrictions on the team. I did a little bit of research and although, there is definitely a move of the spirit occurring in Romania, there’s still strict traditions in place based on faulty scripture. For that reason, I would suggest that it is the Orthodox Church that is placing these restrictions. Here’s the link to a helpful website I found.
      Hayley 😊


  2. I had no idea that people could not talk about being born again in a country with Christians. It would be good to know what Orthodox Christians there believe in. I was reminded of the religious leaders trying to stop Peter and John from preaching Jesus and resurrection in Acts 4. To think it still happens makes me aware of my ignorance of what other Christians endure around the world and that I should make it my business to know. Thanks for following our blog. It means so much. Regina

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    1. Hi Regina, lovely to hear from you. From what I can gather, there is a move of the spirit that is beginning to take place in Romania but there are still parts of the country that are heavily into tradition and religion that is quite strict. It reminds me of that part of scripture too!
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      Hayley 😊💕


  3. God’s righteousness and mercy on everyday people is based on a living hope that we have in Christ Jesus. Those brave christian ‘soldiers’ among us, like the lady you described, Hayley, who is working in Romania to help the afflicted ones (and those who support her efforts by prayers and financial support) are the ones who uphold the right and the cause of widows and the orphans and the poor and afflicted. Brave and sacrificial servants of the Lord are really hard to find nowadays. People who truly care for the afflicted ones who seem to be forgotten by society at large are clearly on the Lord’s side.


  4. Our church sponsors two men in India every year who do a literacy training to give people the tools to make their lives better, while also sharing the Gospel with them. Our pastor just shared that 2.8 million Indians were brought to Christ this past year…an amazing number. However, so many have to be careful because there is still so much persecution of Christians going on in India- in fact, we can’t even publish the names of our 2 literacy trainers for fear of retribution on them. 😦

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    1. The persecution that goes on in the world is unbelievable. It’s so important to keep on praying for our fellow Christians around the world that are still being persecuted for Christ’s sake.
      Thank you for sharing this, Danielle. We will remember India in our prayers also.
      Blessings, Hayley 😊💜

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