Friday Focus 16th February 2018 The week in review

Hooray! It’s Friday and for us in the UK, the half term holidays are here. The girls have been poorly and off school all week but they’re on the mend now so helpfully we will be able to enjoy the holiday together.

It’s been a busy week over here at Red Letters, so here’s a round up, just in case you missed anything.

Monday Must-have

I shared a story about how my plan for a relaxing evening went out of the window, after a stranger knocked on our door. The lady’s car had broken down, so we invited her into our home and then had the opportunity to share the gospel with her.

It was one of those unexpected ‘God moments’ and Diana from La Petit Muse, summed it up beautifully in her comment,

“I love how God just drops these unplanned moments on us! As Christians, we have to be alert and ready for whatever He may bring our way.”

Tuesday Talk

Every Tuesday, I like to write an article about current news stories that capture my attention. This week’s Tuesday Talk featured a heart-warming story about a London nursing home that welcomes Children and their parents to come and sing nursery songs with patients suffering with dementia.

I also shared an amazing testimony from a pastor who had been diagnosed with dementia. Rather than being controlled by fear, this awesome man of God, stood firm on the word of God and baffled medics when he received his healing.

Collaboration with fellow blogger, ‘Following Him beside still waters’.

On Sunday I came across a beautiful poem called Jesus will be with me written by my friend Grace over at Following Him beside still waters. I asked her if I could put some music to her beautiful words and turn her poem into a song. Click here to listen to our collaboration

We’ve had some amazing feedback so I’m hoping to collaborate again soon!

Wednesday Worship

This was a very special ‘Wednesday Worship’ for me as this week, I roped my Dad, Gordon, into being recorded and videoed as we worshipped together. He made it very clear that he did not want to do any talking but simply wanted to worship. I love my Dad! Dad chose the song, ‘I exalt thee’ and an excellent choice he made.

Click here to listen to the full song

Thursday Thought

This week’s ‘Thursday Thought’ was all about spiritual mentoring. I shared the revelation I recently had, that although mentors are great, they should not be a substitute for a relationship with the Lord.

I received some great comments on this subject, where so many of you have had a similar experience. My friend from ‘Thirsting for God’ sums it up with this,

I asked and asked for someone to be placed in my life that could mentor me. To help maybe answer some questions. Finally I was quiet enough to hear God say ”lean on me, I am enough. Trust that I can lead you and guide you”. And from the moment I let him, he has been my guide, my confidant.”

That rounds up the week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday Morning.


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44 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16th February 2018 The week in review

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      1. We certainly did. My daughter had a book launch on Saturday for her first book, Faith’s Journey, and the Lord blessed it from beginning to end. Then Sunday, Tom, my husband, spoke God’s message as the Spirit moved him and us. We also got to see one of our sons and his wife. We are blessed, yes, in the good times we rejoice in our blessedness, and in the bad times, we are learning to rejoice for we continue in blessedness…this is harder though.


      2. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Donna. It’s exciting that your daughter has written a book. Will have to check that out!
        We are blessed and in all circumstances God is faithful and provides us with the strength and peace we need to overcome.
        Hayley 😊💕

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ok this is the Mom in me, but if you do want to check out my daughter’s book, it is, “Faith’s Journey” by Heather Greer and it is on Amazon. It’s fiction and she did a great job. And yes, we are blessed in all circumstances. We just enjoy the good ones the most!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad they are feeling better now, last night was the first night that my youngest slept through all week!
      I was just looking at your artwork…’s amazing!! I particularly love the one of your granddaughters with the buttons. Your grandchildren must love having such a cool grandma like you!
      I also love the drawing of the raven.
      Blessings, Hayley 😊💕

      Liked by 1 person

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