Iron Sharpens Iron

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

At the start of the week, it was on my heart to find a spiritual mentor. I’m already blessed with having a handful of friends who hold me accountable and consistently love, challenge and encourage me, however none of these awesome ladies have a ministry in leading worship.

As the week went on I became despondent about not having a confidante who was involved in leading worship and feeling very sorry for myself, I prayed to God about my desire for a mentor.

Later that evening, my spirit was convicted and I felt like God was saying to me,

“Is it not enough that you are surrounded by so many people who love you? And is it not enough that you have my spirit within you?”

Feeling thoroughly convicted of my brattish behaviour, I repented and asked God for forgiveness, recognising that my true mentor is the Holy Spirit and that Jesus is enough for me and all I will ever need.

1 Corinthians 8:6 Yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

The next day I met with an old friend who I used to lead worship with a while back. As we sat together, at my kitchen table, we began to share our visions and heart for worship with one another. There was a mutual sense of excitement and joy and we both thanked God that He had brought us back together. It felt right in my spirit and God gave us confirmation to mentor each other.

I do believe that there was a reason why God brought conviction to my heart before placing this friend back in my life. It was only the day before when God reminded me, He was all I needed. I accepted this, repented, came back into alignment with the word and now God was blessing me with my desire to be mentored.

Having someone trustworthy in your life, who encourages you and holds you accountable is definitely a good thing but should not be a substitute for a genuine and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, founded on His Holy word. God must be our first port of call in every situation and we must not place people on a pedestal.

I will leave you with this last quote and pray that this word resonates with your spirit like it has mine,

“I don’t want to just hang out with you. I want us both to be encouraged and challenged, to become more like Jesus.”


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30 thoughts on “Iron Sharpens Iron

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  1. Been there! I asked and asked for someone to be placed in my life that could mentor me. To help maybe answer some questions. Finally I was quite enough to hear God say ” lean on me I am enough. Trust that I can lead you and guide you”. And from the moment I let him, he has been my guide, my confidant.

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  2. My DEAR friend,

    That you are able and so ready to serve our God on His terms is a true {and often rare} blessings.

    With God terms like “Luck”, “coincidence” or “happenstance” simply do not exist…. Either God is in charge, or we are and that is the reality of our lives.

    God will always TRY to do {whenwe cooperate with His Graces} what is truly best for us.

    When we are able to see Him working in our lives it’s a Beautiful thing.

    You my new friend are a beautiful and God-sensitive Soul.

    Continue to walk in His Love for you and your’s,


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    1. Thank you, Patrick for such an encouraging comment. ❤️
      I learned a while ago that rebellion and disobedience will only end in disaster. I cling to Jesus because I know that without Him, I am a complete and utter mess. It is an easy choice for me to make but wasn’t always this way.
      Praise God for new mercies and a chance to begin and live again!
      Love you my brother in Christ and I pray every blessing on you and yours!
      Hayley 😊

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  3. It’s such a beautiful feeling when He provides others to be there and help us. But I’m so glad you shared how important it is for us to realize He is all we need. It’s a truth I’ve held onto and have found so much comfort in. But admittedly, there are times I crave human interaction, and many times He provides during those times I struggle. ❤ 🙂

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