Bridge to the past

My eldest daughter goes to a school in the City centre. It’s only a 7 mile journey but during rush hour, it can take us an hour to get there and can be quite stressful driving in all of the traffic.

One morning, I was doing the usual school run when all of a sudden, I completely lost my memory. I was having a normal conversation with my daughter but for a couple of minutes, I completely forgot what we were talking about and I felt very confused and disorientated. It really panicked me and I called my mom in tears. She calmed me down and I regained my composure but I’ve not forgotten the feeling of panic and confusion that came over me.

The memory loss that I experienced was more than likely stress induced but thankfully, was temporary and I’ve not experienced anything like that since. For those suffering with dementia though, this is not the case and they are forced to battle with the effects of memory loss on a day to day basis.

A heartwarming BBC news article caught my attention today, telling the story of a Nursing Home in London that invites children and their parents to come and visit patients suffering with dementia. The aim is that a fun time is had by all through singing nursery rhymes, accompanied by actions.

The article went on to say that the patients loved seeing the children and they were able to remember the words and singalong to the nursery rhymes, providing them with some much needed respite from their illness.

I also came across an amazing testimony from a Pastor called Richard Skoff who was miraculously healed from dementia. Pastor Skoff was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease and was told there was no cure.

Despite the doctors report, Richard and his family stood together in prayer, believing that God could restore and heal his mind. Two years after Richard’s diagnosis, doctors were amazed by the level of recovery and he continues to do well.

In an interview with CBN, Richard said the following,

“You need to get a scripture and you need to stand on it and say, ‘no, my God says by his stripes I am already healed, I am not sick I am well fighting off some foreign substance trying to come into my body and I will not allow it and, Jesus, I know that You’re healing me.’ And confess it and live it.”

I’m glad to share this mighty answer to prayer with you all today. We serve a good and faithful God.


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  1. Reblogged this on Nut House Central and commented:

    For many of us seeing friends and family hurting is heart wrenching. What I love is the the claiming of healing in the one true physician. I have heard multiple testimonies in my church of these miracles. Claim in Victory in His mighty name. Pray this pray. Increase your faith. And remember though we may not understand, God has a purpose.

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  2. Hey, thank you that you listed your trip as 7 “miles.” Because we in the states aren’t familiar with kilometers very much. That was considerate Haley. 😊
    And it was a good idea for helping the senior citizens.

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