Jesus will be with me – Collaboration with Following Him beside still waters

I’m so excited to share this very special song with you all. My lovely friend, Grace, from Following Him beside still waters wrote a beautiful poem and shared it on her blogpost ‘Jesus will be with me’ on Sunday. I asked if I could put a melody to these inspiring words and turn it into a song and Grace said yes! Here are the words from Grace’s poem.

Verse 1:

When I go through water’s deep,
Jesus will be with me

When billowing waves overtake,
With me, He will still be


For without Him I would drown
In brutal waters deep

If He were not with me, I know
Water would overtake

For without Him, when I lay me down
Fears would keep me from sleep

If He were not with me, from sleep’s hold I would never wake

Verse 2:

When at night I fall fast asleep,
Jesus will be with me

And when in the morning I wake
With me, He will still be

Thank you all for listening and thank you also to Grace for allowing me to transform her poem into a song.


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112 thoughts on “Jesus will be with me – Collaboration with Following Him beside still waters

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  1. This is beautiful Hayley, that’s what I commented on Grace’e blog when I first read this, and it still stands now that you have put the music to it. I would love to hear the other one she post called “My Temporary Home” not that, that is a request hehehe. It is another beautiful, God filled poem, actually she called it a song. And when I read it, it is better than a lot of the songs I have heard. Anywho back to the topic at hand :):) I always know a good song, or a good song to me is when it gives me chills, this song, you and Grace have created, gave me chills :):) God bless you :):)

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    1. Thank you so very much for your kind comment, Margaret. I might have to have a look at putting some music to ‘My temporary home’, with Grace’s permission of course. She is a wonderfully anointed poet and writer so I feel very privileged to be able to be creative for God together.
      Isn’t it just wonderful to be a part of the body of Christ?! Very grateful to God!
      Hayley 😊💕

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      1. You are most welcome Hayley but it wasn’t kind it is true :):):) She certainly is that. Talk about annointed, you have been blessed with the most heavenly voice, and musical gift. Being a child of the Almighty, and part of the body of Christ is the best thing in my life.

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      2. Aww, thanks for the kind words! ❤ Of course, if you decide to do that, you have my permission. 😊

        You're a wonderful singer and songwriter and I feel very privileged to collaborate with you for Him! I'm so thankful that He brought us together on WordPress so that we can bring glory to Him in this way. 🙂

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  2. So pleased to see you and Grace working together to glorify God! An example of what can be done when we cooperate rather than compete! Ok, I’m ready for the next song from you two! So proud of you both and thank you for combining and sharing your gifts and talents! Aweplause!!!!

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    1. Thank you, Rick, so glad you enjoyed it…..just hoping Grace does too now. Haha! Still not heard from her but I think it’s probably due to the time difference.
      I’m all for collaborating and love to see unity! That really is my heart.
      Thank you again.
      Hayley 😊

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      1. I did enjoy it so very much! 😊 It probably was the time difference. And also the fact that my sleeping schedule is an absolute mess and I got up late. 😅

        I love collaborating too! 🙂 I look forward to the next time that we can collaborate, God willing! ❤

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      2. I’m writing this at 7:18 AM on Wednesday. 🙂 (I’m in the Central time zone.) It shows that you wrote your comment about 5 hours ago, so I guess there is a 5 or 6 hours time difference? Funny how we missed each other by that much time. 😅

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  3. Thank you so much, Grace! Completely acoustic is super, Hayley, Jon be only fortunately at work, your sound quality is wonderful in a very cosy way. What a beautiful melody, and the depth of your voice here; so comforting! Aren’t we filled with gratitude thanks to God being the first and last thought of our days! Such ample talent for His Glory, thanking you for sharing it, Leon 💜

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  4. I cried, haha. I told myself I wouldn’t but I did. 😅 I love this so much, Hayley. Thanks again for writing the melody and recording it – this was amazing. ❤

    I didn't notice any awful audio quality, by the way. Sounded amazing to me. 🙂

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      1. I liked it so much! ❤ I showed it to my mom who was on her computer in the next room and she played it over and over. My dad also really liked it. 🙂

        I'm so glad that you had fun with it. 🙂 It was such a joy to hear the words sung to that beautiful melody. 💕 And your voice was amazing! (Also loved hearing you speak – I like your accent. 😊)

        Lots of love! 💞

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😀 My mom shared it with family and friends and they loved it too. ❤

        Haha, I'm sure your accent is common there, but it's not common in Arkansas. 😂 I enjoyed it so much when you said hi; it really brightened my day. ❤️ And I think it was the first time I've ever heard my name spoken with an English accent. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aww so lovely, Grace.
        Fantastic that your mom shared it with everyone. Your mom should be super proud of you!! You were the one that wrote the beautiful words after all. ❤️
        I’m so happy that the video message brightened up your day. I almost didn’t speak cause no one likes hearing their voice on camera, right?! 😂 But then I get over myself haha.
        I appreciate the nice comments about my accent, I do try and poshen it up a bit on camera so at least you can understand me! 😆
        Have a fabulous day!!
        Hayley 😊💕

        Liked by 1 person

      4. 🙂

        Aww. 😊 I think she was. 🙂


        Haha, I don’t like my voice, so I understand that. 😂

        And now I’m reading all of your comments in your voice. 😄

        Thank you – you have a fabulous day as well! ❤

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  5. What a wonderful job. You took somebody else’s work and made a song out of it. I wish I could play the piano as well as you do. My songs might sound a little better when I put them on my blog. You’re welcome to do the same with my Palms anytime.

    Be blessed

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  6. I am so grateful the Lord allowed me a moment to intentionally come visiting…. and with headphones! What a beautifully written song, and a beautifully sung song! God has used two wonderfully blessed children of God to make a very tender message that I am grateful to have come across. How different my nights would be without Him! Thank His precious and faithful name that I won’t be! ❤ God loves you and Grace! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m so blessed that you came across this Gail. I’ve had it on my heart to turn one of your poems into a song too. ❤️ The only trouble is there are so many of your poems that I love that I’m struggling to pick just one! Can you message me with your favourite poem for me to put some music too? Love Hayley 💕💕

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That God would be so thoughtful ❤ through you. I will pray and send something. You are so kind to offer. God's words, God music, and God's special voice need to be heard. It's like what the missionary preached in church tonight on Ephesians 4:1
        "I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called." When He have it, it was for a purpose.

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  7. Please stay with me through this Jewish Prophecy series of posts.I think that I will be able to show you some information that will be great interest to you. Please continue with your good work.

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