Rebuilding the temple

The UK is well known for it’s magnificent church buildings. No matter which city you visit, there will most certainly be an ancient church building, planted in a prominent and focal position. My nearest city is Lichfield and is well known for it’s three-spired cathedral.

The tallest spire stands at almost 252 feet, meaning wherever you are in Lichfield, you are able to see the Cathedral, towering above every other building. I think that’s pretty amazing and I’ve always been fascinated by the amount of work that would have gone into building such a glorious place of worship.

A news article I read today in The Church Times caught my attention. A church in Bristol, that has been closed for 65 years, after being bombed during WWII, is going to be restored and rebuilt over a 6 year period. I found this particularly interesting in light of the recent Anglican church closures across the country. Due to dwindling numbers of church congregations, many Anglican churches have been forced to close down. The overall designs of these beautiful buildings can mean huge overheads when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep and sadly, they quite simply cannot afford to remain open.

I was so encouraged to read about the plans to restore St Nicholas, the 18th Century Church (above) to it’s former glory with the aim of reaching young people and those that currently do not attend church. The overall vision is to make an impact on the City of Bristol by demonstrating the love of Christ to a culturally diverse community, through bringing about much needed social transformation.

The restoration of this church reminded me of the book of Ezra and how Cyrus was given inspiration from God to direct the Israelites to rebuild the temple. Just as the Jews returned from exile, I envisage the people of Bristol returning back to God through the restoration of St Nicholas Church.

Ezra 3:10-11 When the builders completed the foundation of the Lord’s Temple, the priests put on their robes and took their places to blow their trumpets. And the Levites, descendants of Asaph, clashed their cymbals to praise the Lord, just as King David had prescribed. With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the Lord: “He is so good! His faithful love for Israel endures forever!” Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the Lord because the foundation of the Lord’s Temple had been laid.

Our cities are crying out for a move of God and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and we must continually pray for breakthrough and revival in our land. For every church that has closed in this Nation, God will restore and give back to us what the locusts have stolen. Many hearts will return to God and we will see strongholds broken and lives healed through the re-opening of this church.


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  1. You are so right. We need to reach the lost. I have found the best way is everyday witnessing. If all Christians could find the boldness to try to share the Gospel daily we would have a revolution and revival. Our Lord has allowed me to find a Non-Denominational training that only lifts up Jesus. You can find it at

    This is not just a class training we also go out to share the Gospel during the training. Therefore those in the training’s get used to sharing the Gospel and start reaching those around them.

    I would love to get you connected.

    God bless you and keep you going for strong His Kingdom

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  2. My question on my own blog this morning is, when the Bible says to restore the walls of the city, to restore its ruins, to rebuild His Temple, how does anyone translate this in everyday practical terms?


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