Tuesday Talk 2nd January 2018

It’s been a real blessing to read, over the last few days, your goals and aspirations for 2018.

I’d love to share with you a few of my goals for 2018:

  • To continue to pursue God in every area of my life

  • To spend more quality time with my husband, Jon and my daughters, Layla & Caitlin

  • To write and record more worship songs that reflect the beauty of Jesus

  • To start up my own business in Music Therapy

Let me know what your goals are, I’d love to hear from you.





20 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk 2nd January 2018

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  1. Wonderful! My mom was a musician (piano and voice) and did her Master’s work in Music Therapy after she went back to school as a mother of four. She ended up using her gifts at church to develop the Music Ministry, directed the choir, started a performing arts school, a learning center for adults to get their GEDs (after she and my dad helped my son get his…) and many other ministries. There’s no telling what all God will do through our lives when we surrender them to Him. Blessings to you my friend and I look forward to hearing what God does through yours in the coming year! Happy New Year! Deb

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    1. That’s amazing Deb! So encouraged to hear this.
      I love being a music therapist, I find it so rewarding and I love how it relates to worship too, after all King David was arguably the first music therapist. I’m excited to venture out and start my own business and tie music Therapy in with worship.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting and encouraging me.
      You are a blessing!
      Hayley 😊💕


  2. Lovely photo of your beautiful family.
    Music therapy, now that sounds interesting.

    For me besides spending time with family and generally being more friendly I want to write a devotional and a book of short fictional stories that encourage God’s daughters in their walk with him.

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    1. Thank you so much, Helena. I’m excited to see what happens.
      I think a book of short stories sounds fantastic. I would definitely purchase a copy. Please let me know when you’ve completed it. Very exciting!
      Hayley 😊💕


  3. You have a wonderful Godly Focus Hayley and your goals reflect this, I will pray for you, your Husband and your beautiful Daughters, yes you are greatly Blessed and they are also Blessed greatly to have you as their Wife and Mother.

    I will also Pray for your Ministry as you reach out to others with the Gifts God has given you.

    My desire now that I have settled into my new home is to touch the lives again through my Funday School of Children who come from Dysfunctional Families as I have done for many years before I moved. And to also Teach R.E again sharing with these Children too about Jesus’ and our Abba Father’s great Love for them, offering them Hope and a good foundation for their lives.

    I would also like to Minister again with the Aged, visiting them in their Nursing Homes, Loving them and respecting their life wisdom and also sharing with them all we have or they can have in Christ Jesus.

    I would greatly value you Prayers Hayley for these Ministries, they are very close to my Heart.

    Christian Love Always,
    Anne (Grannie Annie)

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    1. I will certainly keep you in my prayers, Anne.
      What a wonderful vision you have, to reach out to those in need of our beautiful Jesus. Go forth and be that light for the Lord. I do believe that God is saying NOW is the time to sow and you will reap a great harvest. It is yours for the taking and there are many souls that will come to know and love Jesus as their Saviour because of you and your obedience to step out in faith.
      God will restore the years that locusts took from you. 2018 shall be a year of prosperity for you declares the Lord. 🙏✝️


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