Mary the ‘risk taker’

I admire Mary. She took a risk and demonstrated boldness to sit at the feet of Jesus. 

Mary broke the condemning boundaries of her era and acted in a way that was seen to society as socially, politically and morally incorrect. 

Mary was not afraid to sit before Jesus. She trusted him, knew him and wanted to know him more. 

Mary had heard Jesus’ words before and had a desire to learn from him. 

Mary was seeking the truth and she knew that Jesus spoke the truth and was the truth. 
She was compelled to listen and learn from the very voice and heart of God. So compelled was Mary, that she threw away all moral conduct and womanly status in light of hearing straight from the mouth of God. 

Mary was drawn to Jesus, she put everything else aside in order to spend time with him and learn from him.

Mary must have known that her sister, Martha was going to be angry for leaving her to do all of the work on her own. 

The two sisters would usually share the workload and yet here Mary was, assuming a male dominated role, as a disciple before her Lord’s feet. 

Mary risked facing disappointment and anger from her sister in order to spend time with Jesus. This was an easy choice for her. 

You see, Mary knew who Jesus was, not only as an amazing teacher but she knew who Jesus was to her. 

She knew him personally and he had captivated her heart enough for her to stop doing what other people thought she should be doing and just sit and listen.

 It is very possible to know a lot of truth about someone but not really know them. We live in a society that celebrates Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter that are centered around Jesus. 

A whole nation recognises a birth and resurrection of a Saviour. They know about Jesus but do not know him personally.

What does it take to get to know someone well?

You have to be willing first of all to want to get to know that person and you have to take time to be around them. 

You have to be willing to listen to what that person has to say and you also have to be willing to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with them. 

This is a real relationship and this is what Jesus wants to have with all of us. 

It’s not enough to just know about him but we must really know Jesus personally for ourselves. 

Unless we do this, then it’s just second hand experiences passed down from someone else and that’s really not much of a relationship.

My Nan unfortunately died two years before I was born. My sister, Shelly, is fifteen years older than me and had a wonderful relationship with our Nan. 

Shelly often recalls the lovely times they had spent together and misses her greatly. It was such a sad loss for the whole family when she passed away and it makes me sad to think of my loved ones hurting.

I didn’t ever got the chance to meet Nan, let alone build a relationship with her, so therefore it’s difficult for me to miss her. 

You can’t really miss what you never experienced or had.

My experiences of Nan are all based on what the rest of my family have said about her. 

I know what she looked like because of photographs and I have built an image in my mind of what her character was like. 

I’ve been told she was very funny and loved to have a good joke and that she was a woman of faith who adored her family. 

All of this information, however true, is based upon relationships that other people had with my Nan. None of it is based upon me knowing her for myself. 

I would much rather have made my own opinions on my Nan through having experience of knowing her for myself. Don’t you agree?

Similarly, how much do you want to experience the love of God for yourself and how much do you want to experience the amazing power of God at work in your life?

I can tell you until the cows come home how God has transformed my life for the better but unless you have experienced Jesus for yourself, it would be of no benefit to you. 

That’s why a one to one, personal relationship with Jesus is so important. 

The bible says in Psalm 34:8 to ‘taste and see that the LORD is good.’

I invite you to do that now, to accept Jesus as your Saviour and make Him your first priority and Lord of your life. 

Ask God to help direct your steps for your future and repent and turn away from your old life and old way of thinking. 

Make a commitment now to get to know Jesus. Spend time with Him at every available opportunity and you will find out the answer to why Mary laid everything down and stopped to sit and listen.  

Love & blessings,

Hayley 😊 

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12 thoughts on “Mary the ‘risk taker’

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  1. Oh Hayley, what a wonderful post! You writing is amazing and your comparisons of Mary and Martha, your Sister’s relationship with Nann and yours, and someone who has “heard” about Jesus and one who spends time and “knows” Him personally, is BEAUTIFUL!! You go girl, opening the eyes and ears of those longing for “the better portion” of life and pointing them to the One Who longs to have a personal relationship with them. Sitting at the feet of Jesus:) Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bless you Denise. ♥️
      Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I am, without a doubt, a ‘Mary’ and just love my quiet time with Jesus above everything else. Really pleased we’ve met on here. Can’t wait to read some more of your material!
      Love Hayley 😊💞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good morning Hayley:) I “Reblogged” your post and site. I am not proficient in this area, and pray it “reblogged” correctly! Thank you for sharing your heart. I am blessed each time I read your site. Blessings, denise

    Liked by 1 person

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