I’ve been nominated for the One lovely blogger award 

I am so very humbled to be nominated by a very kindhearted, spiritual and creative person, Didi. Thank you so much for nominating me! I enjoy reading your blog and insightful comments and I think your artwork is just awesome! Click here to go straight to Didi’s Spiritual Art Blog

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the One lovely blogger award:

The Faithful Mommy
Poetic Bliss
Lisa Ralph
Little Bird
The showers of blessing
Nominees, I enjoy reading all of your blogs! Please don’t feel obliged to participate if you do not want to. Hayley 😊

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Seven facts about myself

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. In February 2015 I had an encounter with Jesus that would change my life forever and for the better! I had hit rock bottom and was literally at breaking point. I cried out to God & He heard me & answered me in the most amazing ways. I cannot ever deny God’s presence, peace & love in my life & will be forever grateful for knowing Jesus as my saviour. I am a wife and mom. I have been married to Jon for 16 years. We met when I was just 15 years old. Jon played guitar in a Metallica tribute band and I thought he was the coolest guy in the world (and still do!) We have two beautiful daughters, age 13 and 10, they are both awesome & make life so much more fun!

I live on the canal. I live in a little town called Rugeley, in the UK. We moved in to our new home in November 2016 and we love it here. The back garden is right on the canal. I love to watch the boats go by and enjoy the peaceful feeling that living by the water brings.

I am a musician.

Music is a huge part of my life and I am a singer in Worship band Red Letters. I love to write songs about my relationship with Jesus. Click here to listen 

I own a horse called Miley. I’ve always loved horses and owned them from a young age. I had a big break from riding as the girls were growing up. I missed having horses so much that in January this year I bought Miley. She’s 22 but young at heart!

I love kayaking. We recently got a kayak and I found it so much fun! I’ve only been on the canal so far but I’m hoping to try it out on the river soon.

I have a chihuahua called Lacey. I don’t know why but I think chihuahuas tend to get a bad name. Our Lacey is the sweetest little thing and she’s extremely loving and very cute! Chihuahuas rock!

I hope you enjoyed reading, would love to hear from you!

27 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for the One lovely blogger award 

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  1. Dear friend,

    Thank you very much for participating in the “One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you also for sharing something of your personal life.

    Those deep experiences we make in our lives are like: “Seeing is believing” – it is a real practical way and lets us connect with God.

    May Gold bless you and your family and thanks one more time 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! I’m sure it is. Well, I live just outside of a city (the suburbs), but I’m also not ever quite that far from the countryside! But for the most part, I’m a city girl. 🙂

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    1. Amen! Blessed to overflowing and every single bit of the glory goes to God! When a prodigal returns back to the father, He just loves to shower us with blessing after blessing, even when we feel we least deserve it. That’s the beauty of grace. ❤️️
      So cool that you have a chihuahua. Is yours short hair or long hair?
      Hayley 😊💞

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  2. Hey girl, thank you so much for the nomination – I finally have gotten internet to use my laptop and I have completed
    this nomination. I just wanted to let you know, again, thank you so much sweetness ❤️

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  3. If you value “The Red Letters”,
    you will love this poem – it’s full of them.

    The message of The 11 (“The narrow gate”)

    “The eleven disciples went to Galilee”
    “Where Jesus had told them to go”
    They heard His voice and obeyed His will
    Despite uncertainty down below

    Jesus spoke to them at length
    He wasn’t really a Tweeter
    Only 3 of them wrote Scripture
    Matthew John and Peter

    “Feed my sheep” said Jesus, for though
    “Heaven and earth will pass away”
    I have the words of eternal life and
    “My words will never pass away”

    “Enter through the narrow gate”
    The voice of Jesus through the eleven
    Believe in Jesus “through their message”
    And “eat from the tree of life” in heaven

    Jesus commissioned the eleven
    With “everything I have commanded you”
    “Teaching THEM to obey” Jesus
    And “THEM” means me and you !

    “The command given by our Lord and Savior”
    Is not a Pharisee speaking alone
    It came rather “through your apostles”
    Matthew Peter and John

    If a Pharisee boasts proudly
    Those men added nothing to my message
    He doesn’t speak for Jesus
    His words are nothing more than garbage

    All “quotes” in “quotation marks” are from the writings of the Apostles Matthew John and Peter in the Bible, mostly the “Red Letter” words of Jesus. [Matthew, John, Revelation, 2 Peter – NIV]

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      1. Hayley,
        More Red Letters for you…..

        Jesus “The Good Shepherd” is my Pastor

        Jesus is The Way to God
        The real Jesus of the real Apostles
        But false teachers come and pervert God’s Word
        With twists and turns and jostles

        “My sheep listen to my voice”
        Jesus said for us all to hear
        “I know them, and they follow me”
        He doesn’t run when a wolf appears

        He “calls his own sheep by name”
        It’s not the witchcraft of a distant stranger
        Not just repeating the magic words
        And then thinking you are out of danger

        Our Father in Heaven wants to talk to you
        He can hear you loud and clear
        And He sent His Son Jesus to inhabit the earth
        So that all who want God can draw near

        Real prayer is a conversation
        At least that’s what God wants it to be
        We talk in the garden in the cool of the day
        When we are part of His family

        Only Jesus never disobeyed God
        He’s the only immaculate conception
        The Holy Spirit comes in His Name
        Don’t listen to the voice of deception

        If a false apostle preaches
        I became your father, imitate me
        He doesn’t speak the words of God
        It’s just Boss Paul the Pharisee

        And if a heretic now claims to be
        The Church’s universal pastor
        His words should be ignored
        They lead to nothing but disaster

        Jesus did not just teach The Way
        He IS The Way, my friend
        Repeating the mantra of Marypaulhammad
        Is nothing but a dead end

        Bibliography – all “quotes” in “quotation marks” are the words of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 10


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